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Oak Cliff Christian Federal Credit Union (OCCFCU) was officially chartered on September 22, 2008. OCCFCU's major sponsor is Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship (OCBF). OCBF was established in 1976 by Dr. Tony Evans. It was his vision that led to the establishment of OCCFCU. OCCFCU's membership is OCBF and it's subsidiaries. If you are a member, employee, student or family member of OCBF or its subsidiaries then you are qualified for membership at OCCFCU. As our name says, we are a Christian based Credit Union. That means we will conduct business ethically and morally as we strive to live up to the kingdom of God.

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William Collins (Chairman) – Term Ends 2020
Linda Bailey (Vice Chair) – Term Ends 2020
J Daryl Lee (Treasurer) – Term Ends 2020
Shawn Hill (Secretary) – Term Ends 2021
Albert Blair – Term Ends 2020
Dr. Michael Burton – Term Ends 2020
Nina Jones – Term Ends 2020
 Katherine Porter – Term Ends 2021
 Dornell Reese Jr. - Term Ends 2021
Lo Andrews
Linda Bailey
Michael Johnson
Jim Talley
Josephine Alexander
Ronnie Robinson
Bobby Turner
MT Hopson
Alberta Richardson
Errol Saunders
Colette Shaw - Credit Union Manager
Eddie Anderson - Member Service Representative
Elizabeth Gonzalez - Member Service Representative